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Diversity in Motorsports

Our mission is to educate and train BWG Board Members, race attendees, youth and the general public on the importance of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of motorsports.


NOTE:   The opinions expressed in any editorial/articles/blogs linked on this page or this site is not of the BWG Racing site but are presented in the interest of giving readers an understanding of diversity within NASCAR.  ALL of these links will take you to another site - articles do NOT reside on the BWG Racing site.  BWG Racing does not have control over their content.


Linking Sports & Communities (LSC) established in 2004 is a 501(c)3 non-profit that seeks to enhance the relationship between our communities by encouraging youth to lead actively, healthy life styles, learn skills ranging from accountability, financial responsibility and teamwork as well as to continue the advancement of their education. 


NASCAR Diversity is a site designed to engage women and people of diverse, ethnic, and racial backgrounds in all facets of the NASCAR industry.  The following link will direct you to their Web site. 


Wendell Scott was the first full time Black NASCAR driver at the national level and was inducted to the NASCAR Hall of Fame today.  This is truly an important day in NASCAR history.  Check the following link concerning Wendell Scott's induction into the Hall of Fame.