BWG Racing

Enhancing Diversity in Motorsports

Our mission is to educate and train BWG Board Members, race attendees, youth and the general public on the importance of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of motorsports.

The mission of BWG Racing, Inc. is to promote diversity in the racing community. This organization was formed because of the unique relationship between men of different ethnic backgrounds who came together in a parking lot at a racing venue. Since that day, the members of this organization have committed to living up to this mission. Although we come to the track for racing enjoyment we still find the time to promote the mission of BWG Racing by partnering and assisting other organizations with who have a similar focus. 

Over the years we have conducted our own mentoring event in partnership with the 100 Black Men of Phoenix.  The event was held at one of the NASCAR’s Craftsman Truck race.  We entertained 10 young people of color who had never been to the Phoenix International Raceway.  They were treated to pre – race tailgate party, a mentoring session with Jeff Hammonds, ex – Crew Chief and TV commentator and of course the race.  

As a result of that event, we were connected with Denise Meridith, founder and owner of Denise Merdith Consultants. Over the past few years, Denise Meridith Consultants has been partnering with IMS Raceway to conduct the bi-annual Future Fans Day event , where youth and their parents are introduced to the fun, excitement and careers of motorspots. BWG Racing members assist as tour guides, along with sharing history and background on NASCAR. .   

We feel by conducting these events it can exposure people of all ages and different background to all aspects of racing.  When most people talk about NASCAR and other forms of racing they usually focus on who are the drivers and owners.  If you only look at those two aspects of racing you miss a whole lot of other roles and jobs who make all of these events happen.  Every race has to have things like TV personalities to cover the event, pit crews to service the cars, race officials and race track personnel who organize the event, food vendor owners and workers, law enforcement, paramedics, security officers, the list goes on and on what it takes to put on one of these shows.

Our goal is to get these young people exposed to all of aspects of the sport and they someday can be a member of the racing community in a variety of ways.  If these individuals begin occupying these roles, other people attending will begin to see more and more people who look and share similar background like them.  That is how we diversify this sport! 

We know there is a lot of work still to be done with people of color owning cars and driving them, but a great start is showing our young people there is a place for them in any role in this world, including auto racing.   

Thanks for visiting our site.  We appreciate your time and interest.